What you can achieve

Many organizations and clients come to me in a state of urgent need for change or crisis: The old is no longer applicable, the new does not yet exist. This phase of uncertainty and ambivalence is perceived as extremely confusing and very unsettling. In these situations, the feeling of having reached a dead end arises. There is a lack of vision, guiding principles and change strategy; sometimes the courage has left them. This is where I can support you as an organizational developer and change manager with a professional strategy and consulting framework during the change process and further developments.

Frequently my individual clients also find themselves in a dilemma. They have the feeling that they are "going around in circles" because the recurring weighing of the pros and cons in a decision does not help them. Making decisions in such circumstances is not always easy.

This is where I can help you as a coach to get in motion again with your professional and private issues. Nothing is more grueling than the continuous questioning of personal goals and paths. Clarity and transparency provide strength. The coaching process aims to achieve goals that do not seem achievable at this point. We assess which path will personally be beneficial to you. We analyze whether there is another option besides "either - or" that you have not previously recognized.

Through coaching you will become more confident, you will achieve coherence and inner clarity and thus your own originality. This means that you will be able to perform more and more authentically.

To define the change strategy, we clarify:

The organizations I advise come from a wide range of industries and market segments. These range from young start-ups, owner-managed companies in the process of generational change, to global corporations.

My individual clients come from a wide range of age groups and career stages - from high school graduates and students to executives and top managers and energetic, senior entrepreneurs.

For example, I can support you with the following topics:

In organizational change processes:

Many change processes cannot be accompanied conceptually and systemically by individual consultants but require a team of experts who work together during the development, strategy and implementation phases and are in a collegial exchange of ideas in order to achieve a holistic organizational change process.

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