My services

For more than twenty years I have been advising and coaching people and companies, organizations, associations, political, and social institutions in personal and institutional change processes. I have worked in various roles and positions: As consultant, coach, change manager, managing partner, and owner of communication agencies.

In these roles I gained extensive expertise in transformation management, coaching, communication and quality management, organizational development and consulting, human resources management, and leadership of people and organizations. My commitment is to the leadership, consulting and development of organizations and people in their different developmental stages, areas of responsibility, and management tasks.

Over the years, I have advised and coached companies and clients on a wide variety of issues. As a result, I gained more and more insight into the challenges of successful organizational processes, which were always controlled by systems. Behind the strong performance of successful managers and executives there were deep concerns and hardships, behind the successful appearance of growth-oriented organizations there were conflicts and organizational processes that needed to be dealt with and further developed.

Consequently, I focused my attention on analyzing and strengthening the unused resources of organizational systems and structures and on promoting the potential of the people working in the organizations. Therefore, I decided to deepen my skills as a coach and change manager through a certified training parallel to my work as a communication manager. The one-year training as a certified systemic coach and change manager offered at INeKO - Institute at the University of Cologne - seemed suitable to me because it offered not only a scientific standard but also comprehensive practical training.

In addition, I expanded my competencies as part of a master's program at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences with a focus on organizational consulting, coaching and supervision (M.A.). Today I lead people from organizations and companies in change management and coaching. At the same time, with my company HINKELMANN change management - coaching - communication, I support well-known organizations and global corporations in crises, communication assignments, organizational development and change processes.

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