Coaching – scientifically proven

When managers come to me for coaching these days, I know what they are talking about. Based on my own management experience, for example, I can easily understand the turnover- or creative pressure they are under. What my clients appreciate about me is that they don't have to explain their business to me "at length".

When women come to me for coaching because they need help in defining their roles in a male-dominated management world, I know what they are talking about. I have worked for more than ten years as a member of the management boards of communications agencies which, apart from myself, were staffed exclusively by men. Every day I was challenged to practice an authentic, female leadership style that did not copy the male leadership style.

When men and women come to me in search of a successful work-life balance, I can understand the worries and hardships they face in balancing work and family. As a mother of four, I have gained enough experience and developed strategies to reconcile the demands of my extensive family with those of successful organizations.

When women come to me because they want to get back into the job after a family phase, I am aware of what they have to pay attention to so that they are professionally and personally prepared for the demands of getting back into the job and at the same time keep in mind to not only look after others but also themselves.

I follow a coaching process according to empirically proven success variables and in clearly comprehensible steps. First of all, I will conduct a free preliminary telephone consultation with you in which I will explain my approach and the time schedule. It is quite possible that you will come to me with a coaching concern that may seem unclear and confusing at the beginning. Therefore, it is my task to find out with you whether your current concern is really your core issue - or whether there is something else behind your problem. Experience shows that the perception of many clients is interest-oriented and - due to repression - limited.

Based on my scientific training, my many years of experience and a high degree of empathy, we will decide in a personal meeting whether we will change or reformulate the coaching issue you have raised. If we reformulate it, I always consider what is feasible under the given circumstances. The feasibility depends on your time, your skills and your abilities.

We will then jointly specify your topic and define a realistic goal. We will work in stages and bring about changes. I will also give you a recommendation on how many coaching sessions I consider reasonable. Together we will create an action plan that corresponds to your character and nature and is focused on your goal.

At the end of our coaching sessions, which usually take place at intervals of two to four weeks, you will evaluate the success of your changes and decide whether we should meet again for coaching at larger intervals to stabilize the changed behavior.

The basic rule is: You tell me what you expect from me, I tell you the principles I work according to.

My experience has shown me: Good coaching is limited and usually does not last longer than ten sessions, often it is even faster. Any problems that cannot be solved in this time frame require other help.

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