My approach

A professional coach does not assume that he can develop the right or true solution for his client; it is the client himself who drives that process forward. Systemic coaching takes into account that every individual truth is based on subjective constructions of reality, so finding an objectively existing truth is neither possible nor desirable.

Thus, in the context of the organization, I consider the human being as part of a system in which all components influence each other. If one component or individual changes within a system, all other components of the system change as well. Therefore, a coach and organizational consultant is guided by the principle that one can only bring about changes together with the client - in him and within the system.

Change processes are favored by two factors: by a framework that is perceived by the organization or the client as reliable, appreciative and resource-oriented. At the same time, the coach and change manager must be able to change the problem stabilizing beliefs and actions of the organization and the client through trust and faith in the client. The challenge for a coach and organizational consultant is therefore to give the client or client in the organization access to their own resources.

In addition to basic ethical values such as respectful, sincere and confidential interaction, I always keep in mind when dealing with my individual clients: coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaching works in a forward-looking and goal-oriented way, not deficit-oriented. My clients are customers, not patients.

Therefore, as a coach, I must succeed in resolving the beliefs within you that weaken you and activate your strengths, talents and gifts. In this way you will gain the courage - no matter what your professional or private challenge - to believe in yourself, to sharpen your profile and to change or even break new ground.

I am utterly convinced that even people with emotional difficulties are very well able to find the way out of their problems, provided that they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of their problem and possible symptoms, are actively involved in the change process, and have an appreciative and benevolent sparring partner at their side who will accompany them closely in the change process. For this reason, I have developed a specific coaching concept for clients with ADHD symptoms, for which I received the MLA Award of the Society for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling and which has been published several times:

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